Calling On Small Business To Partner With Us To Support Addy's Hope

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Jaabsha Marketing supports Addy’s hope by donating a large portion of our monthly gross revenue (with the exception of our Referral Program) each month. Charitable giving. When you

There are nearly 7,000 children in the Texas foster care system currently who are legally free for adoption. This means that parental rights have already been terminated, and they are ready to be placed in an adoptive home – no fostering required! If you have been told you are required to foster to adopt children from CPS, please understand that is an agency policy and not a policy of the state of Texas! 

Here are some amazing facts about adopting a child in our They Wait program:

• Thousands of children ages 6-18 are waiting to be adopted – today!

• The only fee for this program is a $250 application fee due before you start training

• If you hire an attorney who accepts the state rate for finalizations, you will not pay any fees for finalization. This means it is possible to complete an adoption through our They Wait program for $250! (And no, we did not forget a zero!)

• Many of the children in this program qualify for adoption subsidy which means:

     a. They will qualify for Medicaid until their 18th birthday (Some qualify until their 23rd birthday)

     b.  You will receive a small monthly stipend until their 18th (or 23rd) birthday. 

• They qualify for free college tuition at any state college! 

If you would like more information about our They Wait program, please get in touch with us, or look here for an outline of the program!