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We Provide More Than 30 Highly Effective Services To Helps Businesses Attract New Customers


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Media Marketing

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Customer Feedback

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Displaying reviews can increase conversions by 270%.

*Spiegel Research Center

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The Power of online reviews

This screenshot paints a very clear picture of the power of Google Reviews. Google is where most people go before they walk into your business. The same way people shop for a particular item in a store. Customers will come to Google to shop for a business they want to look for that item they want to buy.

With a system to accumulate customer reviews, a snowball effect is created. As people start to see one company have many more good reviews than their competition, they will decide to do business with that company. That same customer will leave their review, and so on until one business has 1,200 more customers openly on Google, saying, “I give this business a thumbs up.”

I have two questions for you. 

1. Ask yourself a question. If you lived in the Dallas, TX area, and you were looking for a Veterinary Clinic to take your pet to, who would you pick? Obviously, one company is crushing its competition with Google reviews. But, Google reviews are only a fraction of the puzzle. Once you have a system in place and to build a solid foundation of good reviews, the next step is to market those reviews; and that is where the real power is at. 

The top 2 results in this image are paid ads. It’s going to cost much more than lunch money to appear at the top of Google search results for the keyword “veterinarian.” It cost tons of money. Despite the amount of money they are paying to be at the top of search results, an organic (non paid) listing is literally raking them over the coals.

2. If you were a business owner, which position of these three companies would you rather be in? 

It would probably cost either of the two companies at the top of the results a fraction of what they are paying for PPC to invest in Reputation Marketing. And it would be far more effective! 

This is what we do for our customers. We use effective and proven systems to build their Google reviews, build their brand, and build their customer base.

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