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Be it small or large; every business wants to get positive reviews and ratings from its customers. The reason is quite obvious; it helps them to grow and mark their success by having a positive reputation in the market. Today, with such aggressive competition, it is even more important to have a good reputation if you want to rise and shine among your rivals. There are three key benefits of having great customer ratings; these are:

  • You get the testimonials that you can use for promoting your business
  • You understand whether or not your marketing strategies are going in the right direction
  • You Build Credibility with potential customers who might be looking for your product or service

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This Reputation Report is specific to your business. It gives you all the information you need to know where your business is strong and where you need to improve. 

John Shaw

Award Winning Entrepreneur

Owner | CEO

John Shaw

About The Owner

Hi! My name is John. I have built several businesses from the ground up in various Online and brick-and-mortar businesses models over the years.

In 2009 I started my journey with Online marketing. With a love for helping other people and a passion for small businesses – providing marketing services was a natural fit for me.

Jaabsha Marketing was borne out of this desire and passion. Over the years, I have developed and sharpened my marketing skillsets. And what I have discovered is that the less expensive, less complicated marketing strategies simply work better in most cases.

My goal with Jaabsha is to help small businesses slash their marketing budget, often by more than half, and implement less expensive strategies that bring better results.

The Jaabsha
4 Core Recipe.

Professional website design

Website Design

We build professionally designed websites that are lightweight and designed to convert visitors into paying customers. 


Social Media

Social media engagement is very important for any business that looks to engage with its customer base and attract new customers. 

Text Message Marketing

Text Message

SMS is one of the most effective marketing strategies a business can use. It gives you the ability to send text messages directly to your customers’ phones.

Email Marketing

email marketing

If it is done the right way, email marketing can be a game-changer. With email marketing, you can keep your current customers coming back to you and reach new customers with your product or services.

Protect Your Business With Our Superb Reputation Services!

Online Marketing
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Lead With
5 Stars Reviews!



Ask about one of our most effective strategies to quickly build your Google review rating with customers who love your product or service!

Our Reputation Marketing strategies and techniques are only available to potential customers. We do not reveal this information publicly. If you would like to find out more about our system, please contact us and we will set up a Zoom to do a live presentation.  



Our Reputation Marketing Case Study

When we started with this customer he had 13 Google reviews and numerous directory errors. This particular customer was a pharmacy, however, we were still able to deliver MASSIVE results.

These results are not isolated. Our system is effective in any industry, business model, or niche. We deliver results!

Detailed Report

Each of our customers receives a detailed report showing all the work being done on their behalf, and the results being delivered.  

Marketing Your Reviews

As we build your reputation and increase your Google reviews, we use those 5 star reviews to attract new customers by displaying them on your website and social maedia.

Our Service GUARANTEE!

We are so confident our incredible reputation marketing services will deliver results for you and your business, we are offering a “Cancel At Any Time” clause in our standard 12-month contract. If you are not completely blown away by the results we deliver, you can easily cancel the service. 

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12 Years Experience

My experience has taught me the importance of having a diverse team with a wide variety of talents and skillsets. We are able to tackle your difficult and challenging projects. That’s what we do!

Owner | John Shaw

John S.

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