About Jaabsha Marketing


John Shaw

 My name is John. I have built several businesses from the ground up in various Online and brick-and-mortar businesses models over the years. In 2009 I started my journey with Online marketing. With a love for helping other people and a passion for small businesses – providing marketing services was a natural fit for me. 


I launched Jaabsha Marketing in Oct. 2020 after years of developing, sharpening and fine-tuning my marketing skillsets. And what I have discovered is that the less expensive, less complicated marketing strategies simply work better in most cases. 


So my philosophy and strategy have been narrowed down to 2 primary services. 


Our first cores service is our highly effective Google Review Strategy. 


A recent survey by podium has revealed that around 93% of shoppers determine their purchasing decisions based on online reviews. In other words, reviews can make or break a brand’s reputation and, eventually, its business. Texas businesses struggling to increase the volume of reviews and build up a positive reputation can finally take a breath of relief. At Jaabsha Marketing we help local businesses dominate their industry on search engines with 5-star reviews with our proven Reputation Marketing service.


Our Google Review service is for businesses with a well-oiled marketing strategy and system in place but needs more Google Reviews to turbocharge their results. 


Second is our Core Four service. This is four services working together. 


This service starts with a website. For businesses that don’t need a lot of pages on their website, less is better. This is especially true for local businesses that are not selling and shipping products Nationally or Globally. 


Far too many websites are too weighty, clunky, and in many cases ineffective. We believe in building websites that are lighter, faster, and to the point. 


Once the website is established, we work on the business social media. Our proprietary system is far more superior to the traditional social media marketing systems. With our system, our customers enjoy a high engagement rate from new and existing customers. 


Once the website is built, and the social media is set up and running, we move on to our SMS and Email Marketing systems. With our Core Four system in place, our customers dominate any niche, in any market, anywhere in the Country. They see a significant increase in traffic and a massive boost in sales. 



As we continue to grow our team of talented marketers with a variety of talents, we focus on quality of service. Our goal with Jaabsha is to help small businesses slash their marketing budget, often by more than half, and implement less expensive strategies that bring better results.